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Talbot Real Estate Team is a leader in real estate investment innovation.  We’ve earned such recognition by continually positioning our clients into the newest mortgage, legal and tax opportunities that come available.  These opportunities are brought to light by our never ending efforts of research, aimed to maximize your real estate investments.  Over the years, Talbot Team has facilitated the sale and purchase of countless 1031 exchange properties and has been credited as the creator of the first ever, on-line real estate penny auction.  Our success comes not only from the research and implementation of creative methods such as these but more so from, understanding the objectives of each of our client’s individual needs, then finding the property that best suits their investment strategies.  This approach, combined with the experience of over 30 years of representing the purchase of Trustee Sale, rental and other investment property, means that you can trust Talbot Team to handle all of your real estate investment needs. 

One of the most exciting opportunities in real estate financing has recently become available, that being the investment property cash flow loan.  This financing program is designed for investors that may have difficulty in showing proof of sufficient income to purchase residential rental investment property.  The requirements are fairly simple in that borrower's income does not have to be proven; as long as, the rent exceeds the total monthly payment for the mortgage on the property 

Investment Rental Property Cash Flow Loan Requirements:

• For residential rental investment property
• Must have a 620 or better credit score
• 20% minimum downpayment
• Rent must exceed the total monthly mortgage payment for property

Options, such as these, can solve a lot of probelms that investors face when trying to finance residential rental real estate.  Talbot Team is always searching for better methods and financing terms; not to mention, better properties to help investors become more profitable, secure and wealthy.  Let Talbot Team lead you to the resources and properties that will maximize your investment strategies and goals.


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