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My First New Car

I'm sure you're wondering what this has to do with residential home inspection.  Please bear with me.  Reviewing a home inspection report with clients and an inspector, always reminds me of when I bought my first new car.  

The salesman's name was Chuck, I'll never forget him, as he taught me an important life lesson that day.  

Man was I cool!  18 years old, on my way to pick up a brand new car.  It might have been Chuck's easiest sale that month.  I knew what I wanted and I wasn't leaving without it.  We finished all the paperwork and Chuck told me there were four red ones on the lot and I could go pick one out.  I was a little confused and asked, " aren't they all the same?"  He explained that they were but that some may have more blemishes or imperfections than others. Still confused I said, "if they are all new shouldn't they all be perfect?"  He replied, "If you want a perfect car, you need to go to the Ferrari dealer."            

As you have most likely figured out, my first new car was not a $1.4M La Ferrari, it was a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. Candy apple red, Pirelli tires, twice pipes...sweet!  Purchase, tax, title and licensing all less than $10,000 out-the-door.  Still one of my most favorite cars I've owned. 



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