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Ease Your Monthly Mortgage Expenses and Initial Transaction Costs

The amount of money needed to buy the average home in Maricopa County is over $12,000 including down payment and closing costs. Home purchase grants are now available to relieve the burden of this expense. There are several different mortgage assistance programs to help pay the costs associated with purchasing a home.  Many buyers often think that these programs are for low income earners or only allow for purchases in less than desirable areas.  This is not the case, these programs include income limits as high as $99,170/year and purchase prices just short of $400,000 anywhere in Maricopa County.  Whereas, most of the programs guidelines require first time home buyer status, Talbot Team has a few tricks up it's sleeve, where all can take advantage of these opportunities.  In most situations,the grant funds do not have to be repaid and their is no minimum ownership time.

Down payment assistance programs have come into fruition for a variety of reasons.   These reasons include re-populating neighborhoods struck by the 2008 housing crisis; as well as, community revitalization funds which big banks are required to pay as part of holding or expanding Federal Banking Charters.  Regardless of where these funds are coming from, opportunities are available to help with whatever struggles are keeping buyers from homeownership; including, savings for down payment, affordability or credit challenges.  Talbot Team bundles these grant program incentives with the experience of artful negotiation.  We will take these concepts one step further with our branded $0 Out-of-Pocket home purchase opportunities.  Don’t let anything stand in your way of owning a home, we here at Talbot Team are committed to helping you find a solution to move into the home of your dreams.  Call us Today!

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