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Purchase Programs

$0.00 Out-of-Pocket Purchase Program Breakdown

There are a handful of, what are known as, Down Payment Assistance (DPA) financing programs in Maricopa County and even state wide.  These programs provide grant funds that pay most or all of the costs and down payment associated with the purchase of a home.

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Mortgage Insurance - PMI and MIP

September 20th, 2016 1:35pm

When you begin your search for a home a lot of new terms and acronyms you may never have heard before will suddendly will begin to appear.  Escrow, arrears, DOM and LTV are among the many words you will use in your new found langauge.

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No Money to Buy a Home?...No Worries!

In trying to keep up with rising economies of today's fast paced society, many folks who wish they could be homeowners seem over whelmed with the amount of money needed to buy a home.  So over whelmed, some see no hope, give up and never realize the many financial benefits homeownership can bring.

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