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When Is The Best Time To List My Home For Sale?

If you are thinking about buying or selling real estate, it could be helpful to understand when seller's are best poised in the market to list a home for sale.  Equally, buyers might be able to gain an advantage when they know sellers are more likley to be up against a wall.  Let's take a look at the facts.  The charts below show the total number of all ARMLS residential property sales by month for the last 3 full years.  The chart goes on to rank the "best months to list".  The best month to list is different than the month the most number of sales occurred because average marketing and average escrow time do need to be factored in.  We used 60 days as an on average for such. From there the charts show us which month had the greatest number of sales and assumes which month is most likely the best month to list a property for sale, according to these statistics.  One could conclude that with June having almost twice as many closing as January, it might be better to list toward June than before January.       

This method of analysis is one indicator of when might be a good time to sell.  However, it is not the only indicator of when a good time might be to list a property for sale.  Many other economic and market factors might indicate that there is a better time to list a property for sale other than just when the most closings occur.  For example, if all economic indicators, news reels and press releases in November assure a signifcant interest rate hike in January, waiting until June to list a property for sale may not be the best play.

So, with this many influences interacting with each other and clouding an answer to the question, how can the best month to list a property be determined?

The answer is actually fairly simple.  After researching all the data, market trends and statistics; it may or may not be able to be concluded that one month is better than another when it comes to listing a property for sale.  The one thing that the data provided herein does prove is; whereas, one month may be better than the next, any month is a good month to sell a property in Maricopa County.  Maricopa is the 4th most populated county is the US.  We live in a large, culturally diverse city with an active real estate market.  In it's slowest month in the last three years, Maricopa County boasted over 4,700 residential real estate closings.  The reasons why people need to buy and sell real estate are infinite.  Those reasons are most often not ignited by pure calendar date planning but rather by the neccessity of life's circumstances and events when they occur.  

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